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Welcome to my web site.
I am very happy to be with you here. My name is Yasuhiro UENO. My hometown is Kyoto and I have been living here since I was born, in other words for more than forty years.

I like to travel around Japan especially by train. I have been enjoying a lot of railroad trips since I was a little kid.

And I am fond of taking pictures with some old-fashioned cameras. I use not only Japan's CONTAX or MINOLTA slrs but Russian cameras like the Kiev rangefinders; they are the copies of old German Contax cameras.

About Selling Photographs. If you need my photograph(s), I can sell one(s) at a moderate price by Paypal. For details, just email me.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or when you have something to tell me about photographs and/or cameras.

Thank you!


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